The Art of Antique White Desk


You fall in love with a picture frame antique white desk or a dusty chandelier with half the pieces missing. Perhaps your choice is an abandoned bed frame or a pillar that is disconnected from the terrace. Whatever the treasure, I will show you a beautiful way to give it a new home. Take a small staircase in front of the prime and paint it to stand at night, and then recycle a mantle into a superb headboard.

Sand and pinch the fireplace you want. Cut a piece of plywood large enough to fit right behind it; Cover with sheepskin, and then wrap it in a cloth to match your decor and basic needs on the back of plywood. Pile onto the rack and tighten all the parts to the baseboard with screws.

The new couches are all the more inviting surrounded by lovable touches – from the garden furniture being beaten with the weather to the old window shutters. For the art behind the sofa, wash the panels on a pair of white window coverings and add a free-handed fern. Trim paint two tones of dark green sand and random. Whitewash a short pair and set folded on the floor for the low room divider. Finally, in a different story on the wall shelf, hang a vintage sifter with enough space for a vase.



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