How to Make a White Distressed Desk


Everyone loves beaches, especially kids and teenagers. So wanting to take a beach house and create a beach view bedroom for your child is a great idea. Creating a relaxed and positive space for your child or teen is a win and win situation. So where did you start? White distressed desk becomes an option for this.

Using a paint that is a sea tone for your wall color is a very common and easy approach. You can lay the foundation for the room using blues and aqua green color with maybe a white ceiling to keep it looking clean. You can change the wall color, maybe two walls under blue robin eggs and two walls in green aqua or each wall has a slightly different color. If you take a blues approach, I would recommend white trim or white sand.

Another thing to think about is, how long will your child’s room stay in your child’s room? If you have a teenager and they will go to college in a few years, you will probably paint the room again soon. Dark colors like blues and greens are hard to close when it comes time to repaint. You can plan at least one layer of primer and several new layers of paint. Having done this myself many times, I can tell you that you will be painting a lot when it comes to wearing lighter colors.



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