Build Structure of IKEA Desk Hack Ideas


Well, the working environment is a scientific study on understanding the structure of the human body. We can apply these physical mechanics of IKEA desk hack to design products that improve human well-being and performance. Although this is not a new work discipline, there are many comfortable office chairs, desks and keyboards that aim to provide comfort as much as your body needs to work efficiently. For example, do you have a comfortable cushion supporting your back? Does your chair have a nice armrest on the side? How to put your mouse and keyboard on your desk? Is the computer screen adjusted to fit the eye level?

Over the past few decades, we have transformed from revolutionary slave industrial plant to slave office in the slave. Our bodies are designed to move, not to remain stable. Although it may be difficult to include a treadmill, the option to stand up at work is certainly something you should do. You can use IKEA desk hack to bring value to the world.  Simply put, dim lights torture your eyes and they will make you headache and fatigue. However, a bright light artificial light can also hurt your eyes and cause a lot of discomfort. So the best thing you can do is to combine artificial light with natural light. Natural light can improve your mood and give you the opportunity to look and relax your eyes.



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